Storage Units
Tired of the waiting lists at other U-lock sites? We feature — Dry Self-Storage Trailers for rent or sale. Reasonable rates and flexible terms. Inside dimensions: 8-ft wide, 9-ft high, 27-ft long. Easy access, Rte. 30, Dyer. Call Tom (219)712-5504.
Inside top
An inside look at the roof of the OTR trailers.
Inside walls
Trailer interiors are dent-free.
Interior walls
No holes, no dents, some scuffs.
45-foot storage
These trailers can be used for storage and light over-the-road hauling. Prices start at $1850.
28-foot storage
Use this large trailer for storage or OTR hauling. Prices start at $950.
48×102 trailer
From top to bottom, these trailers are solid.
Storage Unit Rear Door
Standard and reliable.
Storage Unit Tandem Wheels
Standard for these trailers.
Storage Unit Wheels
Durable system.
We have plenty of trailers available.
RV & Boat Storage
Check out our storage lot on Rte. 30 in Dyer across from Castlewood Estates. Call Tom at (219)712-5504 for prices.
Out of the Ordinary
Our services are unique. We even wash and shine trailers for horses, of course.
Super-Sized Service
Our professional detailers tackle even the giant tasks, like the interiors and exteriors of semi-trucks. Either in our shop, or at your place, we’ll get it clean.
Tire Repair
Our skilled staff can fix flats on site!
Auto Sales
Looking for a good used vehicle? Possibly a second family car? Or a first car for your son or daughter? Auto Butler specializes in vehicles under $5,000. Give us a call and see what we have to offer. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it!
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